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The effect of the back desk .. or uneducated log



Entering any class in any school, you can quickly recognize the kids from the orphanage: most often they sit in the back row. And you even don't need to ask a teacher the question where do these kids sit. They sit negligently, dilapidated, or simply sleeping on the desk, or absent. They can be present, but no one is interested in them. And even if the child is not in the classroom, he will always get his mark "3". Why? Because it is already happening for decades. They are being neglected for different reasons. The first and most important - there is no motivation to study. The fact is that no one can be demanded for the quality of education.

Children's home is not an educational institution, while the school is, but it is free and is not responsible for the level of knowledge of orphans. Nobody will try to persuade the orphan to study hard and do homework, if he himself does not want to. So, the orphan finds himself off two structures, uneducated "beam in the eye". Moreover, they are able to make teachers no longer be interested in them: a group makes provocation, and the teacher, first being involved, ceases to notice them. Orphans go in for it. They know that they will easily have food, clothing and other goods in an orphanage. Unwillingness to study is not immediately evident, but affects the child in time forever. It is sad that there are home school classes in the orphanage specifically for these ignoramuses, so the child becomes disabled, not willing to go to school. Remembering my time in school, the only things keeping me from going to school were skinny clothes and nicknames like "he came from incubator" which were given to me by other children. Well, also this thing was my wish to steal something somewhere and play football, that is, to live freely without obligation. Although this is already a lot.

Unwillingness of orphans to study is a fate, children get bad marks at school, and it is considered to be an achievement. Who can help making them want to get high-quality knowledge? Horror stories about the exit examination or about bad life? No way. The teacher, who will take the ascetic path, as it was in the book of V.Rasputin "French lessons"? It would be good, but it happens very rarely. I wish the orphanage was designed to ensure that good education would be a trendy thing, but unfortunately, it is not. It is unfashionable to study well in an orphanage, and, sitting at a desk, you can miss a lot of things. Most of the orphanages encourage best athlete, best singer, dancer and very rarely the children who study well. And to become the best dancer, singer, athlete, children have to train and they don't have time to study their school subjects.

Graduates of the orphanage often enter specialized school, not even knowing the specialization of it. Or knowing, but not fighting for another educational institution. Students describe how, in fact, everything is automated, and, in general, there is no need to study. Anyway they will be accepted because the schools MUST accept them. This is somewhat sad. The conversation about entering the University can rarely be heard in the orphanage. Most often children who have a "mentor" or who have a talent for studying can enter University. There are only 5-7% of orphanage graduates in Russian Universities. The Soviet system of sending orphans in specialized schools works until now. They are sent there, where others will not go. There are also Orphan Specialized Schools, where 80% of students are the graduates of the orphanage. What is happening there - it's scary to tell. What can be done to stop the "effect back desks" domination on orphans? We must take them out of back desks by changing their motivation. We have to explain to the teacher that slowness of orphans is their fault to a certain extent. The level of knowledge of orphans is extremely low and, consequently, the quality of life in the future will be the same. Today's school exit examination system is a good dam, which rare fish can get through, and orphans, as logs, overcome it because of "loyalty" of their teachers. It is necessary that the children's home has increased demands to its internal system of education, and to put labor on the top so that bigger number of orphans could achieve success, even if they study at specialized school. Well, and those who finished Universities should go to work in an orphanage and change the system of training and education of orphans there.

Gezalov Alexander:gezalov@yandex.ru