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Anyone can do good



Knitwear to an orphanage. ..

People often ask themselves how they can help orphaned children, while they are sitting at home for child care and looking through Internet websites, actually realizing that they can not go to the orphanage to deal with a child. If it is possible to adopt an orphan, then instead of looking through Internet websites, you can look at the child from an orphanage in your home, developing him in your family. If this idea comes to your mind, you can start slowly helping a particular orphanage. There is enough information about them in the internet now. Of course, we can say that it is better to adopt a child or just come to the orphanage, but the reality can be not that simple. Sometimes, there are your own children at home and your husband, coming from work to dinner. Today we will talk about helping children's home with knitted things. Children's home is always in need of knitted things that will help children not to get cold in the autumn-winter season. It's better to remove the question of confidence in the administration's decency if you decide to knit and send a parcel to a remote orphanage, because most often you cannot check whether your parcel reached its' destination or not. It is better to trust. Children's homes are concerned that their children were dressed warmly, as sick children bring a lot of troubles.

For example, we receive a parcel from the citizens of France and Finland, who have knitted things with their hands, and a fund manager that sends us knitted things, asks me to take a photo of children dressed in knitwear made by pensioners (who are usually under the age of 80 years). This form of help is underdeveloped in Russia. I am happy to take pictures, because people are pleased to see the work of their hands on the orphan. It's great if you have the opportunity to request the contact organization to show you such pictures. Although it takes a long time from your idea to getting a picture with a happy orphan, but when the result is evident, the motivation to help is increased. We will consider other forms of assistance to orphans next time, so that you could choose your way for self-realization within the time and energy you dispose.

Everyone can do good. Good luck to you on new ways to helping children.

Alexander Gezalov: gezalov@yandex.ru