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Why do we feed homeless?



There was a question "Should we feed homeless or not?" on website ДВА ГА РУ. For me the answer is definite: "Sure, we should." Another question is that those people who do it should understand what do they do it for and what will follow it. We should feed homeless wisely. It should be just means of real help.

Herein minimum 7 reasons why we feed homeless: 1. To provide them with normal nutrition.
2. To provide them with medical, humanitarian, spiritual support.
3. To help some of them to come out of this situation.
4. To be aware of what is going on with these people.
5. To let other people know that this can happen to anyone. No one can be safe from poverty or prison, as they say....
6. To remind government that there are people who need qualified care and help.
7. Not to let them be frozen in a collector, they should walk more often...
Since 2000, we are engaged in the project "Social dining for the homeless", providing hot meals to more than a hundred homeless people. Previously, we traveled by bus until it was broken and we began to feed in the stationary mode, next to the temple on the street. Meanwhile ... Homeless can live on the street not more than 5 years, after it, irreversible processes occur in the mind and physical condition. People can become homeless for various reasons: some after being released from prison, some for drinking at home and so on, these are people from age 18 to 60 years. There are those who decided to live this way, but there are very few of them. The majority of them have children. Most often, these people, after long living on the street, lose physical and mental abilities to return to human society. 70% of homeless people are non-curable (not renewable), and they can live only in a hospice. In order to return human form to the homeless, a huge restoration work is required. It's not just sending them in a monastery, where they will not be taken, it should be a system return. The social baths, sanitary inspection, place of reception, accommodation, work of psychologists, job search assistance, and most importantly, changes in the consciousness of society and the state towards these people are required. The last one is one of the biggest problems. People blame the homeless people that they are to blame for falling into the ditch, it may be true, but we can always give a helping hand to them. One hand can be stretched with a plate of hot soup, the second hand will teach how to cross him\herself ...



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