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The Feeding and Support of Homeless Lasts




The "Charge" Centre with KROMO "Balance" continue to feed the homeless of Petrozavodsk. The feeding point for needy people is organized near the temple of Saint Catherine . Besides, the Centre provides them with cloths and footwear, with the restoration of documents and the search of work. For instance the other day one of our wards - Valeriy - has already got a berth in MU "The house of night stay", his documents were restored , the fluorography of his lungs was made. Before this he has lived on city streets for 7 years , he was down with radiculitis.

A great help in the organizations of feeding was rendered by the parishioners of the temple, who have undertaken many of organizational moments.

The feeding of homeless will continue, since we consider, that it is the first step to their socialization. Nowdays we are feeding about 30-40 persons, the number increases, there are women and teenagesr amongst them. Priest Grigoriy Mihnevich talks to homeless "heart-to-heart" . He answers their daily spiritual questions. On the photo: The moments of feeding of the homeless people.

The Photo of Alexander Gezalov.

On the feeding point the well-known photooperator Vladimir Larionov was invited by the request of two organizations. Quite soon we shall open the Internet exhibition of his works "Nobody's faces of streets".

KROMO "Balance",

The "Charge" Centre.

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