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E-mails of Encouragement to Russia’s Orphan Children




Head of "Ravnovesie" Alexander Gezalov began to write "e-mails of encouragement" to children of Russian orphanages and parental schools, who are in need of kind words from a former orphanage alumnus who has succeeded in life. This project was initiated conjointly with the Aid Community for the Orphaned Children "Unseen Kids", who run several projects to aid orphans, including the one that helps them adapt to an alternative social environment. E-mails are composed individually to address a specific child, who is overseen by one of "Unseen Kids" volunteers. The volunteer forwards the letter to the child. The hopes of the project leaders are that the information, words of support and kind advice from an orphanage alumnus will play an important role in the life of such children. Alexander himself spent many years in a home for the orphan children and could nevertheless make his way in life.

If you yourself have heard of, or are working with an orphan child who is in need of such encouraging letter or words of advice, Alexander is eager to write to him/her personally.

Please send all messages to Alexander Gezalov's e-mail gezalov[at]yandex.ru

We look forward to hearing from you!