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Please HELP, We Are Running Out Of Time!




Original web site is also available in english: http://help-angelina.my1.ru

Look around you... What do you see? The days run by, and every day we meet different people: nonchalant youth, senior citizens, athletic men, lonely old people, carefree children... Stop for just an instant and think... Children are the most vulnerable part of our society. Only we can provide them with health and decent life.

Spring is around the corner, flowers are blooming, the spirit of holidays is in the air... but not everybody enjoys it the same way. There is a family who live their life on the edge every day. Every day spent in struggle, search, and fear of the unknown.

Angelina (Lina) Khramtsova is only 1 yr. 3 mts. old. When she was 6 months old she was diagnosed with disease that equaled a death sentence: a brain tumor. Three bypass surgeries and six months of chemotherapy gave no effect... Russian doctors were helpless.

And the baby wants to LIVE so badly!

...And is fighting back the terrible sickness. Despite all medical prognosis, Lina is still alive!!! Doctors know that little babies have huge life resources, the nature itself gave our little babies this unknown source of power. The girl is alive, and we grown-ups don't even know how much longer she can go on.

Lina is in pain... She is so little, but she knows everything about pain. She is such a patient and strong little baby. Lisa, her 20-year old mother is the only one by her side. Nearly a child herself, she is also brave and infinitely faithful to her little girl. She didn't abandon her in trouble and decided to fight back till final victory. Always crying, she is holding her baby close to her heart - and not a soul around them. "...All night long I hold Lina... can't imagine my life without her... I'm so exhausted ...I am not the iron-lady type, but I am not giving up - it's just hurts so much... but it'll be fine, I will find a little more strength in me and will go on saving my little girl..."

God heard the mother's never-ceasing prayers.

Doctors in Germany have agreed to perform a surgery on Lina, but we are losing this race against time.

LINA'S LIFE DEPENDS ON OUR ABILITY TO RAISE ENOUGH MONEY ON TIME... Lina is expected to arrive to Germany on March, 12. Of course they will be expecting her there after this date, but every day the chances for recovery are decreasing... THE SURGERY COSTS 50 THOUSAND EURO, and ANOTHER 20 THOUSAND IS NEEDED FOR AN AIR AMBULANCE. Elizaveta Khramtsova, Angelina's mother who is fighting so bravely for her daughter's life, has no chance to get such a big amount. She is a single parent, and the only chance for them is help from compassionate people. It can work a miracle and grant Lina her precious life and to her mother - a chance to see her daughter healthy and hear the precious word "Mother" from her.

Today Lina is fed through a tube, but she can swallow small amount of water. When her mother is telling her a story, she opens her eyes... Noises scare her, she startles and her body becomes tense. Sometimes she sighs, and you get a feeling that she is trying to say something, she is mumbling to herself... But when mother gives Lina her finger and asks to hold it tightly, she does so.

"My angel is holding on... she is so sweet when asleep, her hamster-like cheeks are so adorable... she will have strength to wait till the surgery... I am begging God for this..."

Please do not pass by. Don't remain indifferent to someone else's pain.

We would like very much for Lina to see the sun, the skies, and to see her laughing! PLEASE HELP, it is in OUR hands.

Please contact Alyona Danilko, Lina's volunteer helper, regarding all questions: Tel.: +7.925.514.5652, e-mail: a-danilko@yandex.ru

Lina has her own website http://help-angelina.my1.ru, where you can find her papers, account details, photos and video.

Lina's mother, Elizaveta Khramtsova, can be reached at this telephone number: +7.906.096.2022

Bank details for donations:


U203905029813 for UAH
E360476064512 for EUR
R355627071715 for RUR
Z237845011335 for USD

For transfers in EUR:
Correspondent bank of beneficiarys bank AMSTERDAM TRADE BANK N.V Herengracht 4751017 BS Amsterdam Netherland
Acc.with corresp/Bank No 9001890118902
Beneficiarys bank Alfa Bank Moscow
IBAN of EUR account of Alfa Bank with AMSTERDAM TRADE BANK N.V.: NL45STOL0270007261
Beneficiarys Acc No. 40817978304280005269
Beneficiary Danilko Alena

For transfers in Germany:
Name: Rayisa Ruban
Konto: 6208659140
BLZ: 47260121
Kennword: Imja rebenka.

Please when transferrring put in FOR ANGELINA KHRAMTSOVA

Postal address:
UL. Uritskogo, 44, kv. 1
Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Obl.
142602 Russian Federation

Many thanks to those who will respond to our request. God bless you all!